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I’m excited to tell you about Hammerstone School because it’s a tiny house carpentry school for women in Trumansburg, New York. Best of all, they learn by building tiny houses hands on.

The school offers  workshops and courses including Basic Carpentry Skills 101, Tiny House Framing for Beginners, and more. Below you can see how a group of 13 women who are students at Hammerstone built a tiny house on wheels together starting with an old travel trailer.

So if you’re a woman who is in or near the area, this just seems like a great place to get around the right people and to start learning how to build tiny houses (and more). If you want to help spread the word please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Tiny House Carpentry School for Women


Images © Maria Klemperer-Johnson

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In this post you’ll learn about a group of students who took part in a tiny house carpentry program at Carcross/Tagish First Nation in Carcross, Yukon.

This is an initiative that took place in 2014 in partnership with government and non-government organizations who helped put it all together. Every morning the students meet in class and in the afternoon they go to the job site to put their knowledge to work. Together they’re building tiny houses from start to finish.

The best part is, the results and experiences that the students now have as well as the positive difference it’s making in their lives right now. If you agree that we need more tiny house construction learning programs please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you.

Tiny House Carpentry Program in Carcross, Yukon


Images © Thomas Shepherd

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