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This is the story of a cargo van conversion by Ross Lukeman.

And for a time he was living, adventuring, and working out of it while also showing others how to do it too.

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Man Travels around the US while Living/Working from Cargo Van Conversion

Digital Nomad's Cargo Van Conversion

Photo Credit: Ross Lukeman

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This is Sarah’s 1997 Dodge Ram Converted Cargo Van that’s for sale.

It’s been updated with a removable bed and storage shelves, and there’s so much more you could do to make this a full-time home. Check out her listing on Craigslist.

Please enjoy, read more and re-share below!

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Sarah’s 1997 Dodge Ram Converted Cargo Van

Images via Craigslist

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Today I wanted to show you a great example of how you can turn an existing cargo van into an inexpensive DIY camper.

If you’ve ever thought about van dwelling then you’ll probably love this van conversion.

The person who converted this van wanted to create something that she can travel with and go one or two nights without any hookups on her way to her destination.

The cool part about this one is that it has standing room thanks to the fact that it’s a high top van that she found on Craigslist.

Since it’s a high top she’s able to change clothes, shower, and even cook in there with comfort.

Here, let me show you the van:

Van Dwelling: Cargo Van to DIY Camper

Vandwelling Conversion

Images: TinyCamper

When she first got it, it looked like this on the inside (see below):

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