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While doing some web browsing today I discovered an awesome article titled 10 Cool Airstreams and Other Alternative Mobile Housing on ecosalon.

Like the title implies it showcases a bunch of really interesting Airstream interiors along with brief info on each. It’s truly a great post by Stephanie Rogers.

The article shows you all the possibilities that there are with these trailers–some are modern and futuristic while others are colorful and fun, although too girly for me.

One of the most interesting for me was architect Andreas Stavropoulos’ super cool cargo trailer office which he can pull with his Honda CR-V. He can open up the ramp and door to enjoy the breeze and views. There’s a 135 watt solar panel mounted above the trailer to power his iMac.

(Photo by Mark Compton)

(Photo by Mark Compton)

Read the full article on the 10 Airstreams and other mobile houses here

Read the full article on Andreas Stavropoulos’ Cargo Trailer and Airstream here