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A while back Chrysler toyed with the idea of manufacturing an office on wheels. The vehicle would include a telephone, table, and the front passenger seat swivels 180 degrees to allow for in-car meetings.

The center armrest in the back contains most of the office equipment.  They called it the Imperial Mobile Executive car and it even included a typewriter.

When not in use as an office it is a luxurious four passenger vehicle with reclining rear seats.  There is a space between the two front seats which holds the folding table and a small television.

The design was based on the 1966 Imperial Crown coupe.  The design even had plans for some sort of fax machine which I’m sure was state of the art in a vehicle back then.

Imagine what we can do today with our laptops, wireless internet connections, iPads, tiny printers, LCD screens, and other technologies.  I guess for many of us our iPads, iPhones, and laptops are all of this and more right in the palm of our hands…


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