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You might remember my article that was posted June 20, 2014 titled “DYI Bow Top Vardo Office Cabin” here on TinyHouseTalk.com. In it I was showing the Vardo that I built. Well since that time I have fallen head over heels in love with the Vardo concept and have created more of them and I am in the process of building a business around the adorable yet functional tiny structures.

French Vardo Tiny House Built for Glamping by Blackfox Glamping Lodges

French vardo

Cozy and warm French Vardo in the winter woods

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The Hope Springs RV Campground is welcoming Tiny Homes to come join their community in Hughes Springs, TX.

The rural spot has everything you need including water, sewer, trash and Wi-Fi. The 20-acre campground has a pond, plenty of birding opportunities as well as fruit and pecan trees. Owner Erica asked us to tell you about this great opportunity for tiny house parking!

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Hope Springs RV Campground Welcomes Tiny Homes

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