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Famous Zookeeper Jack Hanna could have built any retirement home he wanted, but he chose a simple 700-square-foot log cabin, tucked in the Montana forest. The cabin, built in 1996, features one bedroom and one bathroom, and is decorated in classic lodge style.

Sadly, Hanna was recently diagnosed with dementia which has been rapidly progressing, but he still owns this private spot, and I wonder if his family will bring him there for some peace and quiet?

The “Elk Cabin,” as he named it, was built without plans from locally-sourced timbers. His friend and handyman Randy Baker helped create the masterpiece, and a veteran stonemason created the stunning stone fireplace. Enjoy the photos below, and read the full story about the house here.

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Famous Zookeeper’s Modest Log Home

Jack Hanna’s 700 Sq. Ft. Cabin in Montana 2 4

Images via Cabin Life

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