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This is a sleek and stylish 30 ft. Modern Tiny House that’s for sale in Bonsall, CA. While you’re welcome to tow the home away to wherever you want to live, there’s also an opportunity to rent the land it’s already on!

The home has all the amenities you could want, including a dishwasher and a full stacking washer and dryer. Just about everything is included with the sale except the couch and standing desk. You’ll find a full oven with electric cooktop, and a spacious loft bedroom. The secondary loft is set up as a closet/work out area, and the bathroom has a flush toilet and linen closet.

You’ll need to contact the seller to make an offer and get additional details about renting the land. Contact them at [email protected]. Asking $95,000.

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Modern, Fully-Equipped 30 Ft. THOW for Sale in CA

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