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I have been hesitant to write about this but I know that some of you are looking for ways to start your own simple Internet-based business and I love this topic because it’s what I’m doing full-time and it’s intriguing.

This post is for you if you have that interest or if you already run a small business and are looking for ways to expand so you can reach more people.

So let’s jump right in.

There are so many ways to go about building a business online. I’m going to take you through seven different ways that I am familiar.

I’ll only show you businesses you can start and run from a really small space. Since you’re here on some kind of computer, you can most likely start with what you’re already using.

Providing High Value Information On A Topic (#1-6)

Whether you can help others pass a professional exam or if you just want to share information on a subject that you are passionate about it’s never been simpler to make it on your own as a researcher/writer/publisher than it is today.

And writing is only the beginning because you can provide information through audio podcasts and videos too.

Publishing Platforms

  • Free blogs (WordPress, Blogger, TypePad)
  • Writing for places large websites where you receive a percentage of revenue forever (no costs)
  • Website (if you want to build advertising income)
  • Paid blog (easy to start and you get full control versus free versions)
  • Podcast (audio programs – if you like to talk)
  • Video (if you are comfortable with video)

Ways You’d Make Money

I won’t let you expect this to be easy because it’s not. It will take you at least six months of consistent, focused effort to see results in income.

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