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Have you ever wanted a mobile hunting cabin? Well, how about this… It’s the Bushwacker Tiny House by Cabin Mfg. Inc. in Ft. Scott, Kansas. This tiny home on wheels is designed and built for hunting. So outside, you’ll notice it has a unique rustic look finished with barn wood, metal, metal deck, and a custom door. Most importantly, there’s a built-in outdoor grill and butcher’s table.

When you go inside, you’ll find a comfortable living area, full kitchen, dining, full bathroom, and an upstairs sleeping loft. So what do you think, could you see yourself with a tiny home like this? How would you use it? Would it be your full-time home or would it be your escape/vacation home or something else, like a mobile hunting cabin?

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Bushwacker Tiny House… A Mobile Hunting Cabin!

Bushwacker Tiny House... A Mobile Hunting Cabin! Images © CabinMfg.com

Images © CabinMfg.com

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