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The highest-paying jobs are typically in the city, but so is the highest rent. For these four friends who wanted to enjoy life in San Francisco, that meant getting creative with their house arrangement! They started by renovating a stealth shuttle bus, which they later upgraded, and then they added a box truck to the mix.

These homes-in-disguise allowed them to park around the city for nearly three years! Unfortunately COVID made it tricky to keep living in their bathroom-less houses, so they’ve been temporarily renting the vehicles out to adventurers while “house-living.” But hey, it’s a great way to make a little side cash!

The murals on the ceilings of both homes are breathtaking — be sure to check out all the details in the video with Tiny House Giant Journey below.

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Tiny Living Let Them Live in One of the Most Expensive Cities!

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Danny loves to read books, bake, sew and practice yoga and this is his incredible solar-powered bus conversion which he designed with space for all of his hobbies!

There’s open shelving everywhere for him to tuck his book collection; an oven and oodles of counter space for bread-baking; a table with space for his sewing machine and craft supplies; and last but definitely not least: A rooftop yoga porch!

After living in New York City for 33 years, Danny (@buswithnoname on Instagram) desired a slower pace of life and more time outdoors, so he made the leap and truly created a HOME on wheels.

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Super Storage in this Solar-Powered Bus Conversion And It Has A Rooftop Platform For Yoga!

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John and Ina (@seawardshuttle on Instagram) bought this former nursing home shuttle bus and transformed it into a home (called the “Seaward Shuttle”) complete with surfboard and bike storage using many reclaimed materials and a lot of creativity.

They’re currently living off of their savings and enjoying traveling and surfing everywhere they go. They claim the bus feels spacious, and there’s even enough space for their beloved dog and a handful of houseplants. Make sure to watch the full video tour from Tiny Home Tours/YouTube below.

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They Rehabbed A Shuttle Bus Into A DIY Motorhome Using Reclaimed Materials

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