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Meet Clint and Erika and their dog Pete (short for Pizza). They jumped on the tiny bandwagon slowly, planning meticulously for their life on the road in a bus. But somewhere between the start of their journey and now, they ended up three hours from home on 8 acres of their own land south of Austin, Texas, where they have a hobby farm and live in their awesome Big Sky Bus!

Clint’s a professional skydiver, while Erika works as an interior designer. You can see her influence in their bright and exciting bus, where you’ll find lime green walls, bright blue tiles, and a kitchen blacksplash made out of 3,500 legos! Clint took a year off of skydiving to build out the bus with the help of some professionals for the electrical and plumbing work (always wise).

We got to interview this super cool couple, which you can read below the photo tour! You don’t want to miss it.

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