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When I think about tiny houses I sometimes feel like it’s something new, but you and I know it isn’t.

Here’s another interesting way that people have figured out as a way to live simply in a world where building codes and laws have set limits on how small we’re allowed to build.

Tiny houses built on old trucks and buses. How would you make your own (if you wanted to)?

One of my good friends who lives in California sent me this picture just the other day and I knew you’d enjoy it.

Truck or Bus House in the Woods

It’s got a complete upstairs area and it even looks like it has a permanent slide out.

The roof addition is interesting which keeps it better protected from the elements.

I think this is neat (and I wonder if it runs) but if I did it it would be something more stealthy so that you could easily travel and park in places without attracting attention. Needless to say this is a great example of how you can bring old things back to life.

What would you do with a spare school bus and a few thousand dollars to remodel it? Tell us in the comments.