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Justin grew up road-tripping with his family as a kid, and wanted to keep that tradition alive as a young adult. So he bought a school bus and created a custom party bus, complete with a one-of-a-kind bar so he can mix drinks (when parked, of course — don’t drink and drive!).

He doesn’t live in his rig full-time, so he created it with space for friends to sleep and congregate so he could travel with a group and have a good place to hang out. Inside the bus he can sleep three, and you can even pitch a tent on the roof-top deck! He chose the bar over a bathroom, and says so far he has no regrets (#priorities).

I love his innovative design for a passenger seat, and his honesty in his Tiny Home Tours interview about the real costs of keeping an older bus running. Including the bus cost itself, he’s spent $12,000 to date. Enjoy the tour below!

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Check Out the Ceilings in His Bus Conversion!

Pacific Pioneer: His Party Bus with Big Bar

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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