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This is the Torch Lake Bunkhouse in Central Lake, Michigan.

It’s a tiny cottage/cabin that sleeps up to four guests comfortably. What do you think?

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The Torch Lake Bunkhouse Cabin in Central Lake, Michigan (Vacation)

The Torch Lake Bunkhouse Cabin in Central Lake Michigan 001

Images via Debbie/Airbnb

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In this post you’ll get an update on how this family built their bunkhouse tiny house over the course of three summers.

You’ll get the most recent tour of the house below plus you’ll learn about the bathroom addition they’re working on now.

Take the tour below and see how they built their tiny bungalow style cottage in an amazing location. There are two videos to watch (below) so you can learn more. Please enjoy and re-share. Thank you!

Family’s Bunkhouse Tiny House Tour

Family's Tiny House

Images © The Samurai Carpenter

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In this post you’re going to get to see how this man built a family bunkhouse tiny cabin for he and his growing family.

I think it’s great when when friends and family get together to build.

This way they don’t have to go to the bank to go into debt or  have to hire expensive contractors.

This is how to build a tiny house or small cabin mortgage-free thanks to friends, family, co-workers and you.

See how this man built his very own family cabin over the course of three summers.

Man Builds Mortgage-free Cabin Over 3 Summers

See the rest (and watch the video) below:

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