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The Wright Way – Tiny House Construction & Building Tips With Curt Lyons #1

I have been talking with Alex about doing a series of building tips for people building their first tiny house. Admittedly, I am currently building my first tiny house, however I have years of professional construction and teaching experience to share with you. I have built log homes, done historic preservation, additions, new construction and home repairs. I also started a company that specializes in helping home owners get involved in their own projects, knowing they have professional hand holding help. In all this time I learned a lot about streamlining a building process, building safely, problem solving, and helping people become more empowered.

As I began construction of my own tiny house and found myself taking advantage of what I already knew, as well as my own head scratching moments, it reminded me how daunting this process must feel to first time home builders, and it seemed like a great opportunity to be able to help. Many of these lessons, I learned the hard way, and would be happy to help you skip that path by learning from my mistakes.

Curt’s Tiny House Building Tip #1

laying drill down

So we’ll start with my first tip.

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