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This is how Nancy Park built her tiny house on nights and weekends over the course of four years while working full time.

You may remember our original post about her titled, “69 Year Old Single Woman Builds Tiny Home in 4 Years on Nights and Weekends While Working Full Time,” where you can see her completed ‘High Desert Tiny House‘ and even book it for your next vacation!

In this post, she’s going to tell the story of how she built it (starting with the trailer!).

How Nancy Built Her Tiny House on Nights/Weekends!

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This is a breakdown of what the couple behind Life Inside A Box paid to build their own tiny house on wheels.

Their total final cost was…. $34,667.23

This includes tools, renting a location to build, registering the trailer, appliances, materials, the trailer, etc. They contracted out the insulation, drywall, or kitchen countertops. Besides that, they did 95% of the labor themselves!

Watch the entire video below so you can learn more about where they spent their money on their tiny house project including a breakdown of costs.

How much do you expect to pay for your tiny home? Let us know in the comments.

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Life Inside A Box: How Much Did Our Tiny House Cost?

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This is a guest submission by one of our readers, Allen Davis, who’s sharing some recent photos of his 8′ x 12′ tiny house on the prairie from May of 2015.

Back in June of 2014 he shared with us how he built it after buying 35 acres in Colorado in an area with no building codes.

I think you’ll find Allen’s tiny house inspiring since he was able to build it in Colorado even though he lives in Alaska!

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Allen’s DIY Tiny House in Colorado (Part II)

Allen Davis 8x12 Colorado Tiny House

Images © Allen Davis

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Sarah Hasting’s is a senior at Mount Holyoke College and she’s building tiny house on wheels using a 5th wheel trailer on a parking lot at school. That’s why I call it a 5th wheel tiny house.

Sarah is an architecture major and this is part of her senior project. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

And she decided to build her THOW on a 5th wheel trailer which is known to be more stable when towing.

It’s a 200 sq. ft. tiny house design. Take a look below and learn more at the original article over at MassLive.com.

College Senior Building 5th Wheel Tiny House


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