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Kenton Zerbin ditched his 9-5 as a teacher to build his very own debt-free, off-grid tiny house on wheels! Now he grows his own food, composts in his little home, and travels the world teaching others about how to successfully go tiny. And he has in-person Canadian workshops coming up, as well as an online workshop you can purchase any time!

These workshops are designed to give you all the information you need to plan your very own tiny house (and build it!) without making costly mistakes. You’ll learn about heating and cooling your tiny, about plumbing options, tiny house legality, and where to park your tiny! Both the in-person and online workshops cover similar topics, but obviously the in-person ones will give you a special connection to Kenton and other tiny-homers!

He has Canadian in-person workshops coming up in October, and you can purchase the online workshop right now here! Keep reading to see a photo tour of Kenton’s very own THOW!

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Learn All You Need to Know about THOWs at this Workshop!

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