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Tom Miller found a 1989 F350 diesel dually army ambulance and transformed it (with no building experience, mind you) into a fantastic family camper/bug out vehicle!

The “Fambulance” as he calls it, has been outfit to meet his family of three’s needs for weekend trips and in case of a real “bug out” survival scenario. At only 100 square feet, it’s quite tight inside (you have to be under 5″2′ to stand upright), but he’s made it into quite the neat vacation home complete with live-edge maple countertops and hand-sewn curtains.

Miller recommends gutting the entire ambulance and not trying to save much of the existing cabinetry, since it all interconnected and tough to reassemble. Watch the rest of his video tour with Tiny Home Tours for more tips and tricks!

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Bugging Out In His 1989 Army Ambulance!

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