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Have you ever heard of anyone taking on a large-scale construction project and coming in under budget? Well, now you have! Kate and Benoît returned to New Zealand after years of international travel and managed to build themselves a tiny house on wheels for only $38,000, which was less than they had planned.

How did they manage it? The couple made clever use of all kinds of reclaimed and thrifted materials, spending money where it mattered most to them, and saving it wherever they could. Right now, it’s parked on her parent’s land, but they’re on the lookout for a spot of their own to create a small homestead.

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Building a Budget THOW From Reclaimed Materials

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For years, Thilo has wanted to live off the land. When he got the opportunity to buy an old home with lovely property in Southern France, he jumped at the chance. But, he wanted to wake up and see his gardens — so he decided to build a budget tiny house!

Legally, he’s living in the tiny house while renovating his home across the street (he can have a trailer on a construction site, and it’s taken him since 2018 and he’s still “renovating”). Meanwhile he lives in the 75 square foot home with windows on three sides. It’s beautifully simple inside, with his bed, wood-burning stove, and a cooktop. He also has a nearby outhouse.

When you see the land (and his sheep!) you’ll understand why he’s chosen such an idyllic life! He shares his story below.

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He Built A Garden Tiny House In South France For Less Than 5,000 Euros

Budget 75 Square Foot Garden THOW in Europe

Images via Thilo

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