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The BrightBunk tiny house design is something I created mostly for fun and practice, but it could potentially be modified to fit your needs. It’s great if you wanted a cabin for the grandkids, something to take to a campground, to park in the backyard or housing for retreats and workshops.

Tiny House Design with Bunk Beds!

It’s a basic design that can be built on a foundation or on a dual axle utility trailer. You can even use it on campuses for dorms or to temporarily house workers on job sites.

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Front Gate and Porch

BrightBunk Tiny House Design with Bunk Beds

I included a porch and gate in the design so you get the front porch feel, but it’s completely optional. Another better way to do it is to make it a flip down porch as one of you pointed out last week.

Take the complete photo and watch the 3d video tour below:

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