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This is the NW Minim Tiny House on Wheels. It’s a slightly modified (larger) version of the Minim by Brian Levy. What do you think? Could this be a tiny home on wheels that you could live in comfortably?

Modified, Larger, NW Minim Tiny House on Wheels: 288 Sq. Ft. (12′ x 24′)

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You’ve probably seen the Minim Home, it’s a sleek and modern 210 sq. ft. tiny house designed by Brian Levy.

But did you know Levy’s story? After building a house for himself, he started selling the plans for his build. But now, you can purchase the house, fully-decked-out, on his website. Even better? His first tiny house actually helped recently to loosen the laws restricting tiny houses in Washington, D.C.!

Be sure to read just how he got from tiny house owner to entrepreneur here on Home and Decor, and exactly how the laws are changing here.

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Minim Home: How This Man’s Tiny House Changed D.C.’s Tiny House Laws

Images via Minim Homes

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When Brian Levy set himself out to design a tiny house he wanted to create something that was comfortable long-term, sustainable for the environment yet still stylish, and he didn’t want to compromise anywhere. He believed the Minim Home should feel amazing throughout. He’s also the founder of Micro Showcase, a place dedicated to showcasing micro buildings.

When you take the tour of his 210 sq. ft. modern tiny house below I think you’ll agree that he accomplished all of those goals with this 11′ wide by 22′ long footprint home. Sure it’s a wide load, but Brian’s logic is sound. Most little houses spend most of their time being lived in, not moved. So it makes sense to go wider.

And yes, the home is still built right onto a trailer so your home can be towed and moved when and if you ever wanted or needed to move it. When you go inside you’ll find all of the comforts of home. A kitchen, multi-functioning table, stools, sofa with room for five people, giant projector screen for entertainment, roll out bed (instead of a loft), 5’x7′ office area, 5′ closet, bathroom, and bookcase that holds 150+ books.

Brian Levy’s Modern & Genius 210 Sq. Ft. Minim Tiny Home


Images © Paul Burk/Minim Micro Homes

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I’m so excited to feature this video tour of Brian Levy’s 210 sq. ft. one-level modern tiny house on wheels at Boneyard Studios thanks to Derek Diedricksen of RelaxShacks.com.

Brian designed his own tiny home because there was no set of plans out there that really met his needs.

So he ended up with a design that perfectly suits his needs. It has a big kitchen, downstairs bed, and all the amenities of home. And he built it using SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels).

Deek Takes you to Brian’s 210 Sq. Ft. Modern Tiny House

Enjoy the full video tour below:

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