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Three amazing nurses have come together to build a medical tiny house to better care for this 8 year old boy who was born with a terrible skin disorder called epidermolysis bullosa.

The cozy little cottage is called the Honey House and it functions like a burn unit on wheels that will provide better treatment for Brian Ilg.

I wanted to show you the current progress of the house (which even has dormers and a loft to store Brian’s medical supplies) as well as give you a chance to help build it.

And here’s the best part.. It won’t cost you anything to help but you can donate money if you want to. All they’re asking for is your vote and you can help them win $10,000 from Kind Snacks to help with their Honey House project.

The Inspiring Honey House Project


I encourage you to see the rest of this inspiring story (and how you can help if you want) below:

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