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While most people choose #vanlife or #boxtruck life so they can travel the country and get to hard-to-access outdoorsy spots, Jason built out his box truck so he could fly under-the-radar, live in the city, and not pay rent while going to grad school.

From the outside, Jason’s truck looks like another utility truck, complete with a high-viz vest tossed up on the dash. But on the inside, you’d think this was a sleek city apartment with a high price tag! He has a great kitchen and giant desk area — and he’s never gotten a “knock” on his truck door!

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He’s in Grad School in the City Rent-Free!

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Charlotte and Ken wanted to hit the road, so they purchased a 14-year-old box truck and transformed it into their home on wheels! They got in touch with us to share their story, which you can read after the photo tour of their home.

What I love about this conversion is that they did it on a budget, and included a Murphy bed system that transforms their living room into a bedroom at night. They also have a spacious kitchen, complete with an oven and stove.

Plus, their build has a shower and a composting toilet, so they never need to stop at the gym to get clean (or pee outside). Hope you enjoy the photos and their 30-second video tour below. Follow them on Instagram @offthemainroad_.

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Box Truck Conversion With Murphy Bed

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When Brandon landed a job in a technology company in the Bay Area as a software engineer, he decided to opt-out of the over-priced San Francisco rent by purchasing a 128 sq. ft. box truck instead.

It’s a 16′ 2006 Ford box truck and when you go inside, you’ll find a bed, dresser, and a coat rack. He’s able to take care of the rest of his needs at his employee’s headquarters.

Since Brandon basically only sleeps in the box truck at night, he’s getting to pay off his student debt super fast and he’s also able to have a lot of extra money to max out his contributions to his 401(k). Plus he also has enough money to eat out and get ahead much faster than most of us. This lifestyle is definitely not for most, but it’s admittedly pretty interesting, isn’t it? Not to mention, he’s only 24-years-old. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Tech Employee Living in Box Truck in Company Parking Lot

Tech Employee Living in Box Truck 001

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