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This awesome couple were no strangers to #vanlife — they had spent a couple years living in a van in New Zealand and working in permaculture. When they moved back to the states, they started looking all over for the perfect vehicle to make into home sweet home.

They proved that a box truck can be an excellent base for a home on wheels! Allysa and Harry purchased a 1990 Ford E350 Econoline box truck, and outfitted it with everything, including an awesome elevator bed, and a wet bath complete with a waterproof toilet paper holder.

Both of them work remotely, and have plans to find the perfect land to transform into an off-grid homestead someday. Awesome!

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Box Truck w/ Elevator Bed, Toilet & Shower!

Couple’s DIY Box Truck Conversion for Visiting National Parks. 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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