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We’ve featured plenty of tiny homes over the years that use tons of recycled and reclaimed materials. But what if someone built a tiny house entirely out of reused, repurposed, and dumpster-dived items? Well, that’s what certified “reuser” Alex Eaves and tiny house builder and personality Derek “Deek” Diedricksen have done with the REUSE! Box Truck.

The best part? They teamed up with videographer Jason Kimball and made a documentary following the entire process from conception to the three years Eaves lived and traveled the country in the box truck. The film isn’t just about tiny houses, it’s about living with what you already have. And it’s showing across the Northeast down to New York over the next couple of months (or you can watch it at home). You’ll want to check out the schedule here.

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NOW SHOWING: The REUSE! Box Truck Film

Documentary On Building a Tiny House Entirely from Recycled Materials

Images by Dylan Jon Wade Cox

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