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This is a 160 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels that’s listed for sale on Tiny Home Builders for $55,000.00 out of Boulder, Colorado.

Selling my custom built fully off-grid tiny house on wheels. 160 square ft. not including queen sized loft.

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Beautiful 20ft Tiny Home on Wheels For Sale Out Of Boulder, Colorado For $55,000 With Solar Power And More!

Vermont-Built Tiny Home on Wheels For Sale in Boulder 001

Images via Tiny Home Builders

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This 160 sq. ft. Rhino shipping container tiny home named  ‘Zulu Queen‘ has been created by an architect/artist and an outdoors woman who loves traveling. Together they created a company called Rhino Cubed.

And it combines tiny living, sustainability, and art. Rhino Cubed is based in Boulder, Colorado and the company is building units nearby in Louisville. It all starts with a reclaimed 20′ or 25′ shipping container. From there it’s turned into a sustainable tiny home to live simply in.

Options include full kitchen, bathroom, solar power system, artsy bunk bed, water storage, and more. Would you consider converting a used container into your own DIY tiny home? I would.

Shipping Container Tiny Home by Rhino Cubed


Images © Rhino Cubed

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John Griffin of Treehouse Colorado was looking for a winter project and had been intrigued by the Tiny Home movement for several years. (Update: Treehouse Colorado is no longer in business)

He has designed and built over 75 tree houses in the Boulder/Denver area so he decided to build a Tiny House on wheels in his back yard to offer for sale to a serious downsizer.

His goal was to use the highest quality materials, components and construction techniques and try to keep the cost below those of the larger companies selling Tiny Homes.

The result is a cozy 17 foot long and 16 foot high home that is now ready to roll out of John’s backyard.

Tree House Builder Builds Tiny Home on Wheels

Colorado Tiny House Builder

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the story and photo tour below:

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