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This Harvard start up for tiny house living is a guest post by Pete Davis – share yours

I am Pete Davis, one of the co-founders of Getaway, the first and only tiny house startup to come out of Harvard University’s Innovation Lab.

We build tiny houses, place them on beautiful rural land and rent them by the night to city dwellers looking to escape the digital grind and test-drive tiny house living.

We just launched our first Getaway house in the Boston area. We call it The Ovida.

“Ovida was dear to us; the Grandmother of any kid’s dreams. She loved without limit and doled out snacks to help us sit still in church. It was by her side that we first learned to play solitaire and how to cross-stitch. She carried us to her own bed when we fell asleep on the couch, and she cooked up the meanest lefse in the Midwest. Ovida’s house was our Getaway growing up, just as we hope The Ovida can be your Getaway now.” – Getaway

Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

Harvard Tiny House Lets You Experience Tiny Living


Images © Getaway House

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