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Right now I’m sharing a rather large 915 sq. ft. small house that’s designed to be lived in by two roommates who are unrelated. This prefab house was built by students at University of Calgary and Mount Royal University.

So there are two bedrooms, two living rooms, and then a shared kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. Immediately I thought how it would probably be better for most people to share a living room instead of a bathroom, but I still thought this would be an interesting design to share with you.

It reminds me of a college dorm but bigger and more luxurious. There’s even separate outdoor space for each roommate in the floor plan. I’d definitely make some changes to this design to make it better but I still think it’s really nice. It would probably work well for young professionals right out of College. Please enjoy and if you’d like to please re-share below.

915 Sq. Ft. Small House for Roommates


Images © Jason Flakes

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