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Do you remember when Matthew Ryan built himself a tiny house for just $8K when he was 16 years old? Well, now he’s a few years older, rents out his tiny home, and just moved to California as a travel nurse. Recently he became the proud owner of a sailboat which he’s in the process of renovating.

Enjoy some pictures of the in-progress sailboat and follow Matt on social media to see more updates. We’ll be sure to post the finished product when he’s done.

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He Bought This Boat for $9K

16YO THOW-Builder Is Converting a Sailboat 1

Images © Matthew Ryan

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Why build a normal cabin when you could have one shaped like Noah’s Ark (on a “tiny” scale, of course). This unique tiny house has a living/kitchen area “below deck” and then a bedroom area on the second floor.

There’s a wrap-around deck where you can look out on the gorgeous Tennessee landscape with a pond and pasture. What a peaceful spot to stay!

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Handcrafted Mini-Ark/Boat Vacation Stay in TN

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