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This couple went on a vacation on a narrowboat before 2020 upended the world, and fell in love with the idea of living on the water. Still, they wanted a little more space than the narrowboat offered, so they started searching for a wide-beam boat instead.

They ended up purchasing a show model, and the new boat is absolutely gorgeous! The finishes are sleek and modern and look like a fashionable city apartment — but they get all the beauty of living on the water and waking up somewhere new when they want to. Be sure to look at all the pictures and catch our Q&A with the couple below!

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Vivere: What It’s Like to Live on a Widebeam Floating Home in England

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Living tiny with a family of 6 is already impressive — but what about living tiny on a 28 ft. sailboat with no engine? This amazing family got rid of fossil fuels and has been living on the water for 3 years, sailing sans engine most recently.

They converted the engine room into cabins for two of their 4 children. Their floating home has no formal kitchen, meaning they eat mainly a raw diet or cook what they can in a solar oven. Their plan? Travel the world!

Dad works as a teacher (he rows to shore to get to work), and mom homeschools the kids. She’s an intellectual at heart and you’ll be amazed at how many books they’ve fit into this little home. Enjoy the video tour below and be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel here.

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This Family Fit Tons of Books into Their 28 Ft Sailboat!

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Darcy, age 24, was about to buy her own home and jump into the world of mortgages, when her dad asked, “What about a boat?”

At first she thought he had to be kidding, but when he showed her the inside of this 60×12.5 widebeam, she saw a blank slate for her interior design skills (she designs kitchens for a living!). So she bought it, and has been living in it since February 2020 (although it’s only been in the water for a week).

She’s located outside of Nottinghamshire in England (follow her @boathousemidlands), and moors with a residential license which is cheaper than renting a place on her own. The size of the boat makes her wary of steering it on her own, but she gets to live on the water in the peace of nature instead of the hustle and bustle of city center!

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Darcy’s Sleek and Modern Boat Renovation

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This is the story of a couple who bought a 46ft boat to live in it!

On Black Friday 2017, while most of our friends and family were braving holiday sales, recovering from Turkey hangovers, or #optingout with a hike, my husband and I were loading our scant belongings onto a 46′ motor yacht.

Their story is continued below. Enjoy!

Couple Living in a 46ft Boat

Living Tiny in a 46ft Boat Wife Aquatic 001

Images © Wife Aquatic

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