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This is the story of how Alyce, Paul and their dog Banjo bought an old bus and converted into an awesome DIY motorhome to live simply and adventurously.

Paul and Alyce began tearing everything out of the bus to give it back life, light, character, and more storage!

Once they ripped everything out they discovered it had lots of rust. So they simply cut out the rusty metal and began to re-weld new steel to the frame. Fortunately, they have a great friend named Luke who is a welder that taught them how to do this. In one of the before and after photos below you’ll see the difference this made. Then it was time to re-panel the bus to complete the job of making it road worthy again.

Soon it was time to work on the inside. They went with a kitchen from IKEA because it was affordable, new, and easy to build. According to their original article, they triple enforced everything so it wouldn’t break or get damaged. And so far, so good! Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Couple Renovate Old Bus into Awesome DIY Motorhome

Couple Renovate Old Bus into Awesome DIY Motorhome

Images © BlueBusJourney.com

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