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This raised-roof school bus conversion is built like a residential home.

Jim & Debbie retired about 2 years ago to get their skoolie up and ready for full time travel.

I think you’ll like this bus conversion; the owners have explained how they did it in the video below. Enjoy!

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Retired Couple’s Raised Roof School Bus Conversion That They Built Like a Residential Home

Retired couple's residential-quality skoolie

Images via TinyHomeTours/YouTube

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This Blue Bird Bus Conversion is a guest post by Becca Hanson

Hello Tiny House Folks, wonderful day to you from Redmond, Oregon! My husband and our dogs are almost complete with our Blue Bird School Bus Conversion.

We own a non-profit in Central Oregon called Full Circle Outreach Center, where we serve over 4000 lives each year with our warehouse of upcycled supplies and loads of love and resourcing. After 13 years of being established and finding huge success we felt our next move is for us to give up our home and build a tiny house, so we chose school bus living and are almost complete.

Husband and Wife’s Full Circle Blue Bird Bus Conversion


Images © FullCircleBlueBird

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I’d like you to meet Julie and Andrew, a young couple who transformed an old school bus into their very own mortgage-free cottage on wheels.

Since the both of them love to travel and did not want a home with a 30-year mortgage they decided to go tiny. So for only $10,000 they bought this partially-converted school bus and did the rest of the work to turn it into home.

Once you go inside their bus you almost forget you are even in a school bus! Instead you feel like you’re in a rather a chic and stylish cottage. I think you might agree that they are making the most out of simple living. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Young Couple’s DIY School Bus Cottage on Wheels


Images © houseb.us

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