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I’ve been wanting to remind you about this for the last few weeks because it’s a great way to help a fellow tiny house person who could really use it.

And the great part is you can get a “perk” as a thanks for helping. Now there’s a cool way to encourage giving, right? Although we should all be humbled by those who give anonymously just because they want to.

Anyway, many of you have heard of Kim Langston who has been having to rebuild her tiny house because her first one was burned down in a mysterious barn fire last summer.

So what I’d like to do (with your help) is continue to help Kim go back from this:


To this:


It’s totally optional to contribute. But if you can spare anything and feel like doing it, then do go for it! Otherwise, no problem and no worries! Just enjoy the video below and don’t worry because those of us who are able to pitch in will. 🙂

Watch the Video Below:

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