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How do you handle water in a tiny house or in the city in a small apartment?

Whether you are off-the-grid or using the city water system you might want to consider a water filter.

This way you don’t have to buy water. If you have a well or other access to water you can use a simple gravity fed filter to ensure your water is pure and 100% safe to drink.

Why Gravity Water Filters

  • No need to buy water
  • Cleans water inexpensively
  • Filters last a long time
  • You can clean these filters
  • Works with no power usage
  • Can take with you anywhere
  • Works well in emergency situations

Big Berkey Gravity Water Filter in a Tiny House

Top 5 Berkey Gravity Water Filters

My favorite gravity fed water filter is the Berkey Light because I’ve owned one for years and absolutely love it. They come in several different sizes and there’s even a small portable one that you can take with you anywhere. I’ll show you all of them in this post starting below:

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