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This is a $400 camper bike built by artist, Kevin Cyr. What started out only as a art project soon turned into an actually structural project.

Kevin had been traveling in Beijing, China and noticed how so many Chinese people carried just about everything on their bikes. The only thing he had not seen was a house on a bike. This sparked his imagination and he soon had the drawing in hand and decided to bring it to life.

The bike weights approximately 200 kilograms so it’s a bit heavy for traveling. In an interview with Mads Phikamphon of Ice Bike.org, Kevin says, “the camper is based on a 1977 Apache pop-up my parents owned.”

Although he has only taken naps in the camper it could possibly be fit for full time living. Kevin says, “It’s actually very scary to sleep in because the camper is so tall, 9 feet, and the bed is way up top. It sways and rock when you climb up the bunk.”

Do you think this could be an alternative housing solution or is it just too extreme? Either way, it’s fascinating, isn’t it? Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Man Builds $400 Camper Bike in Beijing


Images © Kevin Cyr

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