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This is the story of a creative young lad who invented and built his own bicycle-powered ELEVATOR to get up to his tiny treehouse cabin which is built way up in the trees. Pretty incredible!

The story goes like this… Ethan got sick of climbing the ladder dozens of times a day to and from his self-built treehouse. So he did what anyone who owns a self-built treehouse would do… (kidding?) He built a cheap DIY elevator out of a bicycle!

So now when friends visit they can simply use the ladder… Or they can have a lot more fun this way. In this post, you’re going to get to see Ethan’s DIY treehouse, his DIY elevator, and briefly, how it was done.

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Treehouse Micro Cabin with Bicycle Powered Elevator

Treehouse Micro Cabin with Bicycle Powered Elevator

© Ethan Schlussler

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