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This is the story of Michael and Nicolette, the UC Berkeley College couple who built a 300-square-foot tiny house on wheels and are now living in it.

It took them 7 months, $27,000, lots of YouTube tutorials and several books before Nicolette and Michael finished it. With very little (hardly any) construction experience they still built their own home and escaped high rent. Now, Michael can finish his undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley University with fewer worries about money. And then it’s off to law school… And guess what? They can take their house with them!

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The story of how this college couple built their tiny house (to avoid high rent) and how they did it with literally no construction experience

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This is the Funky Tiny Houselet in Berkeley, California.

You can rent it on Airbnb for about $95 a night.

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Funky Tiny Houselet in Berkeley, California


Images via Airbnb

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