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You might remember my article that was posted June 20, 2014 titled “DYI Bow Top Vardo Office Cabin” here on TinyHouseTalk.com. In it I was showing the Vardo that I built. Well since that time I have fallen head over heels in love with the Vardo concept and have created more of them and I am in the process of building a business around the adorable yet functional tiny structures.

French Vardo Tiny House Built for Glamping by Blackfox Glamping Lodges

French vardo

Cozy and warm French Vardo in the winter woods

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Planning a summer trip to Europe? Check out this funky gypsy wagon that’s located on a beautiful property in southern France. This cabin is just right for two people staying on a holiday here.

With a small front porch you can enjoy the view of the surrounding property.

Inside the wagon you can see how cozy the bedroom is plus there are a few sitting chairs for reading.

The bathroom is located at the back of the cabin. Outside is a nice gazebo for outdoor cooking.

What do you think of this gypsy wagon? Would you stay in this bed and breakfast?

Gypsy Wagon Bed and Breakfast in France

Gypsy Wagon Bed and Breakfast in France

Images © Airbnb

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I always admire conversions like this barn to tiny cottage renovation.

I like them because they make great use of a structure that already exists.

In this case, what used to be a barn is now a beautiful little red cottage.

The best part is, it’s also available as a vacation rental (PS – have you checked out our new tiny house vacations section?) so you can stay in it if you want.

It’s a bed and breakfast in Portland, Oregon.

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Red Barn to Tiny Cottage

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the virtual tour below:

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