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This is an inspiring story of how a community of amazing people are helping this 83-year-old homeless widow enjoy her very own barn tiny home. Our big thanks goes to Jill Penley for sharing.

It’s a 12′ by 36′ yard barn that’s being renovated thanks to the help of local church members and a mission group in Hawkins County. And to her, this is a mansion since she has been homeless for the last 15 years of her life after losing her husband.

Originally the barn structure was 12′ by 24′ but they added on to it to make it 36′ so that a dedicated downstairs bedroom can be comfortably added. Please enjoy and re-share this inspiring story below. Thank you!

Homeless 83-year-old Widow Gets Barn Tiny Home

Homeless 83-year-old Widow Gets Barn Tiny Home 01

Images © Sheldon Livesay

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