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Ever wanted to stay in a barn? Probably not, but this studio-style vacation apartment is located in the loft of this secluded barn that’s close to tons of beautiful trails you can enjoy. It has a complete kitchen so you’d never even need to leave if you didn’t want to! A great place to unplug.

One of the coolest things is it shows how you can set up a tiny space and have a bed on the first floor. Studio set-ups are a great way to make that happen, and perfect for a single person or even a couple with similar sleeping schedules. Take a look below and book a stay on Airbnb.

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Stay in a Barn! The Braeburn at The Appleton Retreat. It’s A Studio In A Barn!

BRAEBURN at The Appleton Retreat 013

Images via Airbnb

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Hello Alex (and Tiny House Newsletter readers), after some years of following the spread of tiny houses across the country through your site and others, my dream of owning one is now realized.

I am the proud resident of a less than 800 square foot 2-bedroom home in the country. The house was designed and hand-built by my retired parents and myself in only four months and cost about $15,000 to build.

Previously, the house was an unfinished storage building and small carport. It had limited electrical wiring and no plumbing. We designed the house to utilize the original roofline, enclosed the carport to become the two bedrooms and bathroom, and added a small porch onto the back.

Simple Living in an 800 Sq. Ft. Home in the Country


Images © Emily T.

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