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At 41, Ingrid was working her life away to pay for a mortgage she could hardly afford, and ended up moving in with her mom. But she kept seeing tiny houses and one day decided she’d build her very own — with absolutely no construction experience!

Determined and awesome, she succeeded! Even when suppliers would question her ability to install or build things herself, she did the entire thing in two years by herself, with just a bit of help from friends with some serious heavy lifting. She learned from YouTube and good ole trial-and-error. Just goes to show you that you shouldn’t let others put limits on you.

She shared pictures with us of her DIY build, named “Tiny Tootz” (pronounced like “tootsie”), and talked more about her experience building and going tiny below. Be sure to read her story! Follow her on Facebook here.

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Ingrid Didn’t Let Negativity Stop Her From Building Her Tiny

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