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Like so many parents, Laura and Matt were working too hard to try and keep up with their $2,000/month mortgage and all their other bills on the dream home they built. But unlike many people, they sold the home and bought and renovated a bus so they could travel and appreciate minimalism!

They’ve been travelling (except during the shut-down) for just over a year now, and have plans to finish their round-Australia road trip once everything opens up again. Their bus includes three beds, a kitchen with an oven, and even a hide-away toilet (watch the video tour to find it!).

The couple told us they do have plans in the next year or so to purchase land where they can build a tiny house and have some roots, a washing machine, and a warm bath, but it doesn’t sound like they’re ever going back to “normal” life. Don’t miss our Q&A with them at the end of the post!

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From “Dream Home” to Bus Home: Family of 4

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