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Meet Torey and her dog Dandelion! They’re living in their very own tiny home in Austin, Texas for $950 per month.

Torey was tired of paying rent and not owning anything, but couldn’t afford the $400K homes for sale in Austin. So instead she put $5,000 down on an ESCAPE ONE tiny home built by ESCAPE that cost her $60,000 ($400/month loan). For an additional $550 a month she rents a beautiful lot in a mobile home park with a detached shed, water, and plenty of space for Dandy to run and roam.

The average rent price for Austin is more than $1,700 per month according to Zillow, so Torey is saving, living in the city she loves and getting a beautiful custom space to call her own. Check out the video tour below from Jenna of Tiny House Giant Journey!

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Torey & Dandelion’s ESCAPE Tiny House Life in Austin Texas

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