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This is the RE/MAX tiny house on wheels (Tiny Home for Tiny Tots) that is up for auction to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. It was built by architecture students at Henry Ford College.

When you’re selling a tiny home, you need your best and brightest…Also tiniest. Watch our tiny RE/MAX agents get to work. Place a bid on our tiny home auction between 7/26-7/28 or make a donation at http://www.TinyHomeTinyTots.com

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RE/MAX Tiny House up for Auction: Proceeds Benefit Tiny Tots

REMAX Tiny House to Help Tiny Tots 001

Images © RE/MAX/Tiny Home Tiny Tots

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This is Weed High School’s Tiny House Project out of Weed, California.

The first floor has 135 sq. ft. of space with an additional 60 sq. ft. sleeping loft and another 20 sq. ft. storage loft.

The high school’s construction class built the tiny home and now it’s up for auction so they can fund another project!

Weed High School’s Tiny House on Wheels

Weed High Schools Tiny House Project 001

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This is a 100 sq. ft. Centipede tiny house that is being auctioned off in Madison, WI.

The auction is being conducted by Occupy Madison and to raise funds for the Occupy Madison Village.

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Centipede Tiny House Up For Auction To Raise Money for Occupy Madison Tiny House Village

Centipede Tiny House Auction For Occupy Madison

Photos via Utopian Villas

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This is a custom micro camper that’s up for auction on eBay.

According to the listing, it’s located in Fort Myers, FL.

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Custom Micro Camper/Tiny House For Auction in Fort Myers, FL

Photos via eBay

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