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This Tiny House Cabin was $18,00.00, now on sale for $16,000.00
This cabin is built like you would build a stick built house and is very well insulated. It is 8.5′ by 16′ long and comes with everything you need to live in. LP Smartlap siding in Cedar tone with 3/4″ cypress tongue and groove interior walls. It comes with a 32″ fiberglass shower, commode and small bathroom sink. Appliances are included and it comes with a flat screen tv, and a 12,000BTU Air Conditioning unit and a 10,000BTU Heating Garrison through the wall unit. We can also custom build your tiny cabin.

Source: http://atlanta.craigslist.org/sat/rvd/4833607140.html

$16k Tiny House Near Atlanta, Georgia


Images © Stone Canyon Cabins

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I just got an email from Donna who is the owner of this wonderful historic home near downtown Atlanta, Georgia where she converted the separated garage structure into a little house.

She has rented it for many years now and even lived in it for 6 months while she was having her main home renovated. It started out as a one level one bedroom one bathroom apartment over the garage.

Last year, since one of the garage spaces was never really being used, she decided to turn it into a second bedroom with a bathroom to better meet the needs of her renters. Take a look below and if you’d like to you can even consider renting it below.

The suite is named in memory of the owner’s Russian Wolfhound, Princess Cathryn Natasha. I hope you enjoy the tour as much as I did!

Natasha’s Suite: Historic Garage to Little House Conversion


Images © Natasha’s Suite

The property is secured with a six foot iron fence and ADT security. Please enjoy the full tour below:

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