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This is a 994-sq.-ft. cabin that also comes with a 280-sq.-ft. tiny house that sleeps up to six guests.

It’s built and located in Ashland, Oregon on leased land from the Bureau of Land Management. There are also two RV hook-ups on the property. What do you think?

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Small Cabin and Tiny House in Ashland, Oregon

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This is a 5.44-acre property with multiple tiny houses in Ashland, Oregon. It could be a great opportunity for the right person looking to live tiny and/or to give others the opportunity to do so too. Take a look!

According to the Zillow listing, there are a total of 9 structures on the property, a solar system, a water system, and other interesting features. Lots of possibilities here. What do you think?

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Multiple Tiny Houses On 5.44 Acres In Ashland For Sale (Sold)

Multiple Tiny Houses on 5 Acres in Ashland OR via Zillow 001

Images via Zillow

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This is a 256 sq. ft. Adobe Tiny House on Wheels that’s listed for sale out of Ashland, Oregon on Tiny Home Builders for $49,000.

If my memory serves me correctly, this house was built was a shell by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes out of Fort Collins, Colorado. We originally posted about it back in 2016, but never got to see the interior finished!

Now it’s up for sale and available to snap up (and we get to see the interior)! It was built in 2016 on a gooseneck trailer and with the Spanish-influenced Adobe style, it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind tiny on wheels. It was even featured on Lloyd Kahn’s Shelter Blog back in 2016.

Beautiful 31ft Adobe Tiny House on Wheels For Sale in Ashland, Oregon!

Adobe Tiny House For Sale 001

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