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This is Michelle’s 246 sq. ft. Nanostead tiny home on wheels that she’s named the Radhaus.

While she designed most of her tiny house herself, Michelle decided to hire the help of Nanostead to further design and build it so she could save some precious time and move into her tiny house within a few months rather than in over a year.

In total, she spent about $53,000 to have Nanostead built it for her. Michelle has now been happily living in it for just over three months and is absolutely loving it even though she admits there have been some ups and downs. Right now she rents land and also rents a 5×5 storage unit nearby to keep some extra belongings. Her long-term plan is to buy her own land and build an additional storage shed on the property.

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She Hired Nanostead to Build her 246 Sq. Ft. Radhaus Tiny Home on Wheels

Woman's 246 Sq. Ft. $53k Tiny Home on Wheels

Images © Radhaus

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