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Our tiny house friends from New Zealand are at it again with another amazing tiny house tour.

Bryce Langston of Living Big in a Tiny House visits Brett Sutherland who just finished his 161 sq. ft. debt-free tiny home.

He was living in the Caribbean for many years and wanted to return home to New Zealand.

But Brett feared that if he had to rent a place to stay he’d lose all of his savings as soon as he returned home.

So instead of renting or buying a normal home, he looked into mortgage-free options and decided on building his own tiny mobile villa and named it the NV.

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Brett’s NV Debt-free Tiny House in New Zealand

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour (and video interview/tour with Brett the builder/dweller/artist) below:

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Is it just me, or aren’t there a lot of tiny house people out there who are artistic?

Whether you write, paint, draft, sculpt, or dance..

I’m coming to terms with the fact that: artists need their space.

Yet artists usually LOVE tiny houses. So that begs the question..

How Do Artists and Tiny Homes Come Together?

Tiny Houses and Artists

Photo Credit Facebook

If artists need their space for drafts, art, rough drafts, research, then how the heck would one live in a tiny home and continue creating?

So I asked our Facebook Fans and here’s what they said…

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