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After loosing her home to the bush fires in Australia, this woman opted to go tiny and asked Rolling Homes to build it for her!

Because she has an elderly dog, she chose to keep her bed on the first floor, and put her living area above the bedroom. This created a lovely three-tiered home interior since the staircase to the living room turns and takes you to the higher “lounge loft” that can double as a guest room or storage area.

She also has a full kitchen and bathroom, with some amazing green dot tiles in the shower! This model starts at $89,000 AUD (~$64,000).

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Rolling Homes’ First Tiny House on Wheels!

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This is the METRO Artisan Tiny House that’s for sale for $34,900.

They are offering free haul to anywhere in Washington or Oregon.

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METRO Artisan Tiny House for sale: $34.9K

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