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It’s the simplicity of this small house that draws me to share it with you. The way the space is open with no hallways maximizes the living area of the entire home.

This particular casita (translates to: cottage or small home) is home to the resident caretaker of the vineyard on the property.

It’s part of a larger renovation project soon to come. You have all the basics here: a kitchen, dining area with living space, two bedrooms and bathroom. What do you think of this simple small house?

753 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Portugal’s Duoro Valley Vineyard


Image © Jose Campos

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I thought you, like me, would also enjoy this 387 sq. ft. (36 sqm) modern stacked shipping container.

Designed by Tomokazu Hayakawa Architects in Torigoe, Taitō, Tokyo, Japan. Engineering was done by Ejiri Structural Engineers and construction by C3 design.

Although this is not a tiny home or even a small home it’s actually designed to be a small office and gallery in this old downtown area. Either way I thought it was so cool that I should share it with you.

387 Sq. Ft. Modern Stacked Shipping Container


Images © Tomokazu Hayakawa Architects

While you look at it just imagine what it would be like to turn it into your own dream small living space in whatever location you desire…

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If you like the idea of tiny living but still want to live simply in a bit of a larger space you might like this modern 914 sq. ft. small home custom designed for a client by JRKVC, a Slovakian Architecture Firm.

It’s called the IST-Family House and has now been featured on ArchDaily and Humble Homes so I thought I’d also welcome the design to you too. Would you consider living simply in a slightly larger home like this one? I’m curious about your thoughts on ‘tiny vs small’ if you’d be willing to share in the comments below.

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Modern 914 Sq. Ft. Small Home for Humble Family

Images © Peter Jurkovič

Images © Peter Jurkovič

Once inside I think you might be impressed by this modern small house below:

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